Get started

To use the same service for your antenna, you need to create a subdomain, pointing to A

E.g. you are AEGEE-X and have the website  You want to have the service under (k standing for both Kulture and Kalendar).  Create the record 86400 IN A

Optionally create following record to simplify the setup for software 86400 IN SRV 0 1 443

Optionally create this redirection to simplify the setup for software

The redirection must be able serve PROPFIND requests, otherwise it has no added value.

Send that domain to .  You will get a user name and password.  The password expires every third month.  It can be changed anytime at .

To send the events to a Telegram channel, either the public name of the channel must be communicated, or the internal group/channel id (this is a negative number).

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